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An artist worth knowing about…Ruth Asawa

As a designer (and admirer of creativity in general), I was really inspired to discover yet another brilliant artist I had never fully explored. Ruth Asawa, a California native of Japanese descent,  is the artist behind some of the most interesting ethereal sculptures I have ever seen.

Photo by Laurence Cuneo

Asawa actually hand made these enormous sculptures entirely of wire, utilizing techniques used for crocheting baskets that she learned in Mexico. One of the most admirable things about her talent, is that it was borne out of a lifetime spent overcoming adversity. Asawa lived through Japanese internment camps, and the societal difficulties of pursuing an interracial marriage in the 1940’s. Despite her challenges, she emerged a creative and positive force. Asawa pursued her exploration of this crochet technique, typically working on these stunning pieces while her six children slept (who says you can’t have it all?);  later going on to be commissioned to do several public works pieces, and becoming a fierce advocate for art in schools.

(And I thought I could get crazy with a crochet hook)

Personally, I plan to take a tip from Asawa, and make the time to keep following my passions. I mean…just take a look at what can come of them…

Of course I saved the best for last….