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Underground L.A.

I am sure many of my fellow Angelinos would consider this topic taboo; as many “urban art” installations wind up looking like all the other random graffiti covering walls and buildings of our fair city.

However you have to admit though, there are some really amazing artists that color our commute with their inspiring pieces. If nothing more, they make you take a second look…

Installation by El Mac

Triangulation in Echo Park by artist Kofie

With a little research, I am proud to say I can now name a few of the artists who have peppered my route to work with installations like these:

Bob Marley/Lion Mural by El Mac

“The Mask” pasteup by ABCNT

“The Chief” pasteup by ABCNT

Every time I drive by one of artist Paul Lumberg’s happy elephants or friendly bears, they make me smile.

Artists El Mac, Retna and Kofie team up on this mural called “Lady Justice”

There are a few more great murals in Silverlake, Hollywood and Echo Park that  I couldn’t find online, so the next time I leave the house I am packing my camera, as they need to be shared with the world.

Some of the work we see everyday on our streets and buildings is just silly, random, self expression, but some of it is also politically charged, thoughtful and a really beautiful product of some talented individuals. The great thing is, that these works aren’t just limited to Los Angeles, but are international! Personally, the next time I am in Milan, I am looking for this one:

Another stunner by El Mac

Just hauntingly beautiful…no? This last one has inspired me to post my collection of door photos and graffiti art from my travels to Italy, to save for another blog entry…I guess grandma Lola was right, “a little information is a dangerous thing”.

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